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More of the Same? The Power of Repurposed Content

“Do not submit copied content, even if you wrote the original.”

If Moses descended from the Textbroker mountain, this would certainly have been one of the ten commandments. Writing duplicate content is a cardinal sin for many reasons. Not only are we referring to issues such as copyrights and plagiarism, but how can an author expect to grow if they never push the boundaries of innovation?

This brings up an important question. What about repurposed content? The chances are high that any prolific writer has composed hundreds of pieces which all revolve around the same subject matter. Here are some examples:

  • Financial advice
  • Work-at-home suggestions
  • Online marketing tips
  • E-commerce observations
  • Do-it-yourself articles

Might we be able to recycle some of the same materials that we have already written? Let’s take a closer look.

The notion of evergreen content

Evergreen writing is essentially the act of creating a post that does not have any time- or product-specific traits. So, this naturally rules out orders such as the latest world news or a blog highlighting the upcoming release of a new service. Evergreen material is instead defined by a sustainable nature so that (much like the tree) it will never lose its outer appearance of vitality.

Reused versus repurposed

We are all aware that authors will be penalised if they happen to resubmit content that was already published elsewhere. This can sometimes be tricky for bountiful writers, as their texts are often “fingerprinted” by their unique style. For example, it is not entirely uncommon for an article containing long-tale phrases such as “one of the best ways to” or “let us take a closer look at” to be flagged for duplicate content. Old habits die hard.

So, we should not confuse the word “reuse” with “repurpose”. Reused content will often be flagged by third-party platforms such as Copyscape; a definite problem for budding writers. This is the very same reason why many businesses are wary about employing AI-based content creation software such as ChatGPT. These systems can be notorious for repeating material. On the other hand, repurposed content is able to convey similar information in an entirely different manner.

The benefits of recycling your content

Now that we have taken a look at the basics, what are the advantages of putting a new twist on existing material?

1. Time is money

Being able to quickly repurpose material is an excellent way to expedite the creation process, especially when dealing with extremely familiar subject matter. As time is money, this is important for those who wish to accrue a steady income.

2. Long-term digital traction

The longitudinal nature of repurposed content is also ideal from an evergreen point of view. As this material can be applied without having to address temporal concerns, it is able to remain active for long periods of time. In turn, clients can maximise their ROI. This is in direct contrast to a one-off promotion or announcement.

3. Further expanding your knowledge base

When repurposing content, writers can bolster their experience within an existing area by researching new facts or placing a unique spin on a previous piece. This level of flexibility will likewise allow you to curate high-quality material on demand.

4. Opening up new doors

Writers appreciate that there is always a new concept to embrace or a new strategy to explore. Unfortunately, this sense of creative freedom can often be stifled when we are writing one-off pieces of a more technical nature. Repurposing material is an entirely different matter.

General topics tend to provide us with a significant amount of latitude and, therefore, more creative freedom. This is why they can represent excellent opportunities to experiment with different styles, tones and phrasing.

5. Flexible and SEO-friendly

We need to keep in mind that gaining a loyal Textbroker client will often depend upon the success of previous articles. Writers who are able to provide targeted and effective SEO solutions are much more likely to enjoy steady work in the form of Direct Orders. Once again, repurposing content will come in quite handy.

This strategy can be used to target a different demographic depending on variables such as style and tonality. For instance, an article covering the basics of website design will contain the same intrinsic information, whether it is written for a professional e-commerce provider or a reader who might be thinking about starting an online business. The differences involve engagement and how the article is flavoured to resonate with the audience. In terms of efficient search engine optimisation, the ability to target niche markets without having to create the material from scratch is a massive advantage.

6. Efficiently handling bulk orders

There may be times when a single client places dozens of orders which all contain similar material. This is often done to increase exposure, as multiple articles written in slightly different fashions can be placed across numerous websites and social media platforms.

Authors who are able to produce articles in bulk while ensuring that each one is slightly different are highly vaunted within the writing community, as many others feel that such tasks are above their current pay grade. This is particularly relevant for anyone who may be hoping to embrace a full-time career.

7. Keeping ahead of the competition

We are referring to the looming presence of AI (artificial intelligence) in this sense. As machine-based algorithms churn out more texts, the notion of repetition has already begun to rear its all-too-familiar head. The problem here is that such approaches often directly contradict core content marketing principles such as uniqueness, personalisation and the usefulness of the information in question.

Efficiently repurposing existing articles will align your efforts with client expectations while delivering high-quality material in a timely manner. This could be one of the best ways to retain a customer who might already be questioning whether AI platforms represent viable alternatives.

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Providing familiar material with a fresh feel

Now that we have addressed the primary advantages of this approach, how can a writer recycle existing content to provide a new twist on a specific topic? The first step involves understanding the order instructions so that all parameters can be met during the creation process. Here are some additional tips:

  • Adjust the number and length of paragraphs.
  • Change the order of subheadings in order to place hierarchical stress upon different elements.
  • Modify your tone of voice.
  • Employ fresh industry-specific outbound links.
  • When appropriate, provide hyperlinks to royalty-free images.

Repurpose, but do NOT Repeat

It is logical to close this article by once again stressing that there is a massive difference between recycling familiar material and simply repeating phrases. The only limitations of a writer are those which they believe exist. Honing the ability to repurpose content is one of the most sought-after talents. Clients will appreciate the hard work, and perhaps more importantly, writers can add another tool to their existing skill set.

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About our author

Ron is a prolific author who regularly contributes to on-site blog posts. His passion for creativity combined with a client-centred approach has brought him a significant amount of success within this competitive marketplace. Writing for Textbroker since 2012, his hobbies include martial arts and bodybuilding.

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