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Content Strategy for Corporate Advertising

As a corporate advertising professional, you’re the perfect person to compose web content for your firm, right? After all, your job is to boost company reputations for a living, so why wouldn’t you be able to boost your own? However, there are strong arguments in favour of outsourcing your content creation instead.

The Benefits Of Outsourcing Corporate Content

In order to keep up with the competition, your company needs a solid content marketing strategy. When it comes to corporate advertising, that means a constant supply of relevant, high-quality SEO content. If you’re running the website yourself, you’ll find it more than challenging to manage your content while also handling the many other tasks and responsibilities required to run a business.

This is true even if you have an in-house team of professional content creators, as you might discover that your corporate advertising budget doesn’t come close to rivalling that of your competitors. Or perhaps your author team simply isn’t delivering the kind of content needed to meet your SEO goals.

Improve Your Agility

Besides more time to focus on core business activities and reduced costs, there are many other reasons why a company may choose to outsource the creation of corporate advertising material, such as newsletters or press releases. These advantages include the following:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Increased reach
  • Greater competitive advantage

With more time and cost savings, choosing to outsource your company’s content strategy can help your business become more flexible and agile. This enables you to make service-level improvements and adapt to ever-changing market challenges and conditions.

Time = Money

First of all, any time that you or your co-workers spend creating your business’s web content is just more time taken away from your clients. Given how much creative energy needs to go into every pitch and every campaign, why divert this crucial resource?

A medical analogy: The British Medical Association recommends that doctors avoid treating family members. When people practice medicine on loved ones, they’re unlikely to do their best work as they’re too emotionally invested in their patients. And so it is with corporate advertising firms. You’re probably too close — in a psychological sense — to your company to identify and illustrate all of its strongest selling points.

However, when you outsource your content creation, a professional author can evaluate your firm’s strengths with the objective eye of an outsider. They can then craft stories that will particularly appeal to those lacking inside knowledge of your field.

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How Web Content Changed the Corporate Advertising Industry

Before the dawn of the Internet, major companies would almost always seek out large London-based firms when they wanted to improve their corporate identity and public image. However, the web has upended that hierarchy. Deep-pocketed customers are truly up for grabs these days, as many business leaders search for corporate advertising firms online, recognising that talent is indeed diffuse.

Here are the top 3 areas where outsourcing your corporate content creation can reap the greatest rewards.

1. Service and product descriptions

Search engine algorithms favour sites that are refreshed often. Product descriptions and details of your services should be up-to-date and rich in keywords to appeal to search engines. Therefore, you’ll want to update your web brochures and other forms of online sales material on a monthly or even weekly basis. That way, your site will always be accurate and easy for businesspeople to find.

Happily, professional content creators will be able to continually rework your text without ever losing the essence of your message. At Textbroker, you can even set up recurring orders so that you receive new content for all your newsletters, blogs and products as often as you need.

2. Blog posts and press releases

Blog posts and press releases are two more keys to increasing web traffic. Such pieces will inform your site’s visitors about your company’s latest happenings. Moreover, when you regularly post new blogs and release new PR content, your website — and your entire business, by extension — will come across as dynamic and vigorous. People will envision your firm as a place where something exciting is always going on. Finally, don’t forget to promote each new blog post or press release on social media and in company newsletters as part of your content strategy.

3. Complimentary visual aids

Search Engine Journal (quite rightly, in our opinion) states that written content is the most effective kind of content when it comes to attracting website traffic. This can include everything from basic contact or about us pages to blog posts, e-books, white papers and more. However, research has shown that visual or graphical content is also one of the best traffic generators, particularly things like infographics and informational charts.

Consider adding graphical elements to help make your company’s written content even more exciting. Use quality images to grab the user’s attention and get them excited to read on. To enhance that excitement, be sure to use snappy and attention-grabbing titles, headings and blurbs. Additionally, numbered lists and bullet points can make it easier to read and digest articles, as they help break up large chunks of text.

How to Get the Content You Need

Short answer? From Textbroker. We can help with content audits to find the gaps and offer ordering tips to ensure a smooth process. All of this leaves you free to concentrate on your area of expertise, secure in the knowledge that you’re leveraging ours.

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