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Local SEO for Local Businesses

We often refer to search engine optimisation (SEO) in rather all-inclusive terms; highlighting benefits such as the ability to reach a truly global audience and the advantage of superseding traditional geographic borders when marketing a specific product or service. However, it is just as important to examine the other side of the digital spectrum. Local SEO has become an increasingly prevalent tactic which businesses are employing to reach their target demographic and to generate customer loyalty. In other words, it might be time to “think small” as opposed to thinking big. Why do search engines look favourably upon this strategy? What tangible benefits can you enjoy as a result? How can creating locally relevant content drive sales and customer engagement? If you are still not convinced about the amenities of local SEO, the information below should shed some much-needed light upon the equation.

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Keyword Conundrums: The Difference Between SEO-Friendly and Just Plain Clumsy

We are all aware of the importance of SEO in regards to online exposure and product promotions. Users are constantly bombarded by terms such as “backlinks“, “bounce rate“, “alt tags” and “long-tail keywords”. In truth, these and other strategies will all produce powerful results if utilised in the appropriate manner. Search engine optimisation is still one of the most powerful marketing tools alongside quality content creation. Unfortunately, the latter is often sacrificed for the former due to a misplaced sense of what “modern SEO” really entails. Why are many business owners failing to understand what goes into finding the proper keywords for the topic at hand? Let's look at some probable causes before moving on to seeing why these can prove to be costly mistakes as well as what you can do to avoid clumsy content.

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Google Penalties: Much More than a Digital Slap on the Wrist

Anyone who has ever participated in an organised sporting event is already aware that playing by the rules is essential if penalties are to be avoided. This very same concept holds true in relation to search engine optimisation and overall website management. The only major difference is that while a player might miss out on a handful of games, a website owner could very well jeopardise their long-term efforts as a result of not appreciating modern rules and regulations. Google penalties, therefore, need to be taken very seriously. Still, the exact stipulations and ramifications might not be entirely clear to the average user. This partially arises from the fact that Google tends to update their algorithms on a somewhat regular basis. Let us therefore examine some primary guidelines to keep in mind as well as how you can check to discover whether any Google penalties are present before taking the appropriate actions.

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Google and Bert: What Does This New Search Method Mean for Businesses?

We are all aware that Google is the largest online search engine in the world. In fact, current statistics indicate that well over 63,000 searches take place each second. This equates to a staggering two trillion searches every year. Of course, this number will continue to grow as a larger portion of the global population gains access to the Internet. The main issue is that Google has always attempted to interpret the more “human” nuances within typical search terms. Much of this involves machine learning capabilities, and it should come as no great surprise that giant leaps have taken place over the years. One of the most recent innovations is known as “BERT”. What is BERT? How does it relate to online searches? Perhaps most importantly, what does this new search algorithm mean for businesses that hope to reach their intended target audience? Let's answer each of these questions in greater detail.

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Optimising Your Material for Voice Searches: Content Curation Within the Voice-Activated Age

There is no doubt that the Internet has come a long way in recent years. From 4G connectivity to hands-free smartphone gesture recognition, it seems as if the halcyon days of dial-up connectivity represent nothing more than a nostalgic (and frustratingly sluggish) trip down memory lane. One of the latest trends to take this sector by storm is the introduction of voice-powered searches. Many experts now predict that this alternative will represent more than 50 per cent of all searches by the year 2020. While this is great news for the average consumer, it places an additional challenge upon authors. How can your material be optimised to meet this growing demand? Let's see what the industry professionals have to say.

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